Lifestyle Enthusiast Lucretia D. Coleman has incorporated her extensive trainings, eclectic life experiences, and passion for a vibrant and healthier global community into the development of her following Signature Programs.

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Your Life. Your Palette. Your Masterpiece℠
Discover which areas of your life are no longer as intense and bright. Learn how to “paint” your life to be more full-filling and vibrant. As a participant in this interactive workshop, you will:

- Learn the 12 critical areas of your life that blend together and are critical to your being truly healthy

- Identify which areas of your life palette are vibrant and which need a revitalized splash of color

- Create a strategic plan for implementation of your healthy and color-full life masterpiece

Staying Healthy In the Face of Trials & Tribulations℠
No matter the level of confidence, preparation and organization in your life, you must always be prepared for that unexpected situation that could dilute your life's vibrancy. Would you be able to survive the abstract strokes being splattered on your life canvas? Well, life happens and when it impacts your day-to-day existence, you have to MAKE S.H.I.F.T. HAPPEN!
Hues Creating Your Masterpiece?℠
Take time for the most important person in the world—yes, that would be YOU—to reflect, reconnect, and rejuvenate. Join other women during this weekend retreat as you participate in individual and group activities that will help transform your “vibrant mess” into your BE-YOU-ti-full life masterpiece.