Enhance your life palette! Create your BE-YOU-tiful Masterpiece!

Now that you’ve identified that you’re “A Vibrant Mess℠” it’s time to “Make S.H.I.F.T. Happen!℠” but “Hues Creating Your Masterpiece?℠”



Voted the BEST Life Coach in Montgomery County


Meet Lucretia

Lucretia D. Coleman is a Lifestyle Enthusiast who transforms audiences as a Speaker, Author, Lifestyle Coach and Visual Artist. Lucretia is the CEO and Founder of Jameri Enterprises LLC — a corporation committed to guiding women through their personal “vibrant mess” and helping them enhance their individual lives into a unique and color-full masterpiece.

When speaking, Lucretia will captivate your audiences with her humbling transparency, invigorating content, and vibrant personality. Your audiences will experience a blend of enhanced “aha” moments, transformative learning experiences, and relevant focused outcomes.